Are you nervous when you hear your interior designer mention rustic and your living space in the same sentence?  Are you thinking about a log cabin in the deep woods, bear rugs and plaid flannel? We want to remove those ideas from your mind (although there is nothing wrong with them) and we want you to embrace the current design trends which uses Rustic to add a brand new level of individuality to your space.  

The key is to select the right furniture if you want a beautifully decorated rustic room.

Rustic living room ideaIn this modern-rustic living room, you want to invite your guests into a beautiful setting without leaving then with the impression of modern. By simply adding a coffee table and matching end tables with metal and wooden elements you are adding rustic texture to sophisticated living space which is brightened up by the clean white coloured walls.


How about creating a corner in your living room giving a worn rustic vibe by adding an armchair which will gain more personality through use? The antiqued leather with hard-wearing rustic finishes armchair with canvas upholstery can inspire your guests and yourself to relax after that last course. We want you to rethink your notions of rustic décor. This designer armchair is a stunning looking design and will look fantastic in any setting adding eclectic mix of old and new.


Rustic pine bookcase display living roomBookcases can be used for books but try to also use them to display your knick-knacks or even picture frames. They can also be used in other rooms such as your kitchen (copper pots and cast-iron pans), bedroom and bathroom (towels and toiletries can be stored on the shelves) . When deciding on what style to chose to compliment your space, try to stay in line with the style, material and colours of your current furniture to ensure a consistant theme. There are two style of bookcases you will find on our website 1) Rustic modern which incorporates normally a metal frame and wooden shelves and 2) Rustic pine which is a completely wooden design.  

rustic TV stand in living room decor ideasIf you love of the rustic style, then you shouldn’t hesitate to add a touch of it in your living room. Get that focal point in your room by adding a rustic TV console. Search for that media stand made from rough wood, distressed wood recycled wood or one with a metal accents to create more of an industrial rustic look. 



Choose from bookcases, music and entertainment storage units, TV stands, coffee tables, office furniture and console tables from our extensive solid wood ranges. Our wide range of solid wood living room furniture is sourced from exotic India, sunny Mexico or beautiful Europe. At Rustic Furniture Outlet you're buying direct from the manufacturer, meaning low prices, and most items being in stock. 


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