Warehouse Opening Hours


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Once you get to the industrial area of a little town called Coteau-du-lac – you will find the Rustic Furniture Outlet warehouse – embrace a colossal parking lot with lots of action, a 1970’s building supported by insane I-Beams (we are sure that this will be the only building left standing should a tornado pass through – HA HA HA ), a constant hum of fans, and the best part you ask? Well, there is a super ancient elevator – you know… those with those sliding up and down doors you only see in movies? But be warned, this elevator is for boxes and inventory which means you will have to climb 4 flights of stairs before you find our door. 


Please note this is a warehouse - not a fancy store - many (most) pieces are still in boxes to protect them. You will be able to see a few samples of wood - The website is up to date - pictures and videos are real - we as you to kindly review our website very carefully and mesure your space carefully at home. 


All the items you see on our website are in stock (unless indicated SOLD OUT - the add to cart button will be red).


  • Its pay & take your purchase home the same day.
  • We accept cash, most major credit cards -- sorry no debit at this time.
  • We charge provincial Quebec taxes for purchases (no exceptions).
  • Make sure you also check out our FAQ section filled with more information.