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Can we take a moment and be honest here?  Do you really believe discounts like this? Can a pricing structure from 50%-70% off be real? We ask you to read on...

Fake sales at 50% off- are they real?

Essentially in the furniture business (not the only exception), Boxing Day just like Black Friday has become synonymous with huge perceived discounts but if you take a close look its essentially heavily discounted Christmas decor or worse inventory which has been on the floor for years! 

Why is it when you see a high discount or sale tag, no matter how nonlogical the starting price is, we feel that it's so hard to pass up and we "jump" on the sale??

Here is the reality - have you ever realized that everyone seems to show Save 50% signs on their retail windows or website and not just on Boxing Day but year-round??? 

Is the price inflated so you believe you are getting a better deal?

How about retailers just price their products without lying to consumers that they are getting the deal of the century?

Here our promise to you, our client: You will always get the lowest and best price every day of the year! We do not need a sale to convince you that our pricing structure will beat the competition! 

Take a look at our nightstands below $200! 


Fully assembled solid wood Tv stands under $599 


 Food for thought - 

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