How we ship furniture safely

Ever wonder how we ship our furniture to our clients safely and damage free? 

As we ship furniture within all of Canada using a trusted network of carriers. The keys are:

  1. Good packing ensuring all pieces of furniture are well inside the palette dimensions
  2. Protecting all corners of the pieces which may get damaged in Transit as well as using FRAGILE stickers if needed
  3. Ensuring a solid palette is used and that following forklift handling it withstand movement
  4. Using a ton of shrink wrap to make sure the shipment stays as one piece. 

Above is a typical shipment of a complete bedroom set including a bed frame, mirror, 2 night stands, and dresser. Each piece of furniture has protective corners made from either cardboard or foam, exposed surfaces are protected using bubble and cardboard and the lot bound down securely using shrink wrap. The trick is to remember that is humans will be handling the palette and we do everything in our power to ensure nothing will happen during transit.

We have found that if operators and drivers can see what they are moving, they will be more careful. We realize that this concept goes against the public's idea that we should cover it all up but this technique has worked really really well for us each time!

As you get ready to receive your furniture, it is important to visually check the furniture before accepting and signing off your shipment. Each shipment is insured by our carriers, so its important that you advise us immediately of any damage to your parcels.