If you own fine furniture (or contemplating purchasing it), you should be aware of the effects humidity has on wood. 

In the summer time humidity is high, air conditioners and dehumidifiers will help with high humidity.  It is imperative to keep this fine furniture stored in a temperature of 18-25 degC and a relative humidity of 55%. 

During winter months, humidity becomes low.  Wood burning stoves can cause home to have very low relative humidity.  The moisture will leave the wood and it is normal to see shrinkage and cracking as the wood adjusts to its new environment. 

Failure to produce the correct environment for all furniture may result in damage to any furniture in your home.  Wood is a most wonderful and sacred of materials because it was living.  Learn enjoy imperfections as this is a unique and natural product.  Enjoy your beautiful furniture. 

Remember we cannot guarantee furniture once it leaves the warehouse against cracking... we can however help you fix it if you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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