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Brenda McBratney May 2019
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Incredible experience start to finish! We live in Innisfil, Ontario - delivery was quick & the bed is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love it😍

Phoebe Barton June 2019
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I recently bought desk and night stands shipped to Mile House BC from Rustic Furniture Outlet. My whole buying process was smooth with absolutely no hiccups.

Carol Mercer March 2019
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the harvest table & chairs I got from Rustic Furniture Outlet. Excellent workmanship, beautiful piece, fast delivery to Quispamsis NB and the customer service was second to none!

True Recycled wood

Posted by Lauren on

True Recycled wood

True reclaimed wood

The trend lately in many home design and renovation magazines is to mix the new with the old. Reclaimed wood furniture makes a wonderful stylistic statement about themselves and the homes they find themselves in. 

There are a few strong arguments for purchasing reclaimed wood furniture: 

  • It's environmentally friendly as reclaimed wood isn't grown on farms but it is sourced from old houses, palaces, mills and other constructions destined to destruction, as humans find the need to modernize their structures. Yes, in a way, it still represents a tree that's been cut down, but why not give it another life in your home? 
  • Each board used in your piece of furniture shows layers and layers of weathering, paint and age where its character that cannot be replicated. This wood is generally strong, stable and durable as it has passed the test of time. Essentially, cracking and warpage is reduced to a minimum.

The types of wood found in the furniture can range from sheesham, teak, mango and even acacia. 

Ensure that you are buying true recycled wood as this cannot be replicated by man. Look at the image below where you will be able to see how the piece of wood has aged through the layers of paint applied. 

Each piece of furniture will be different as our suppliers cannot control the batches of wood they receive but, we promise stunning quality and a sturdy piece of furniture to last many years! 

We encourage anyone trying to add a little rustic décor in their home, our wooden reclaimed furniture would be a great choice.