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The perfect gifts for picky wine lovers

Is there nothing better than sharing a delicious dinner with friends and cracking open a bottle of wine? For centuries, wine has been at the center of gatherings, celebrations, and well-deserved pampering. Winemaking has a rich history based in tradition and seen many waves of innovations over the last 500 years.

For true wine lovers and connoisseurs, there’s nothing more tantalizing than owning a piece of this history and displaying it in our home. There’s more than one reason why you’ll want to pay homage to the fine art of winemaking through chic, eco-friendly and rustic up-cycled wine barrel furnishings and accessories.

Using French oak barrels for home furnishing and decor

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special someone or an opportunity to treat yourself, you’ll find something for your wine lover right here:

For the host with the most

If you or someone you know loves to bring together family and friends for social gatherings, you’re in luck! This piece is a gorgeous and practical centerpiece for any occasion, made in Canada from authentic wine barrels. The beauty of this wood is in its unique appearance caused by the staining of the red wine aging inside.

Original stave bridge display red wine barrel

Guests are sure to be impressed as two bottles of wine are used to suspend long-stem glasses for easy access. Just make sure you have extra bottles for drinking!

For the animal person

The bottom of an old oak barrel is the perfect vessel for a furry friend’s bed. Not to mention, it’ll dress it up and make you proud to have sitting in a corner of your living room. Your pet is sure to feel comfy and cozy in a matching plush bed from HappyTails.

The barrel is recycled from wineries in the Okanagan region in BC and perfectly safe for cats and dogs. Perfect for relaxing evenings at home with your best friend.

For the one who’s always late

We all know someone who arrives thirty minutes after the agreed upon time. Help out the always late wine enthusiast with an elegant clock made from an up-cycled wine barrel! The numbers are beautifully engraved and the chic, yet rustic look is complete with genuine wine-stained oak and the original stave hoops.

Beautiful barrel head wall clock

As a bonus, make sure you set it 15 minutes early before you wrap it and your friend will never be late again!

For the hardcore connoisseur who has everything

This one is a tough one - what do you give to the person who already owns everything wine-related or that can be made from a barrel? In this case, you have to go big or go home by giving them the full stave!

This liquor cabinet is literally the creme de La Crema and the highest end of luxury for true wine connoisseurs! It’s made from an authentic La Crema wine barrel from California and holds 12 bottles of wine and 8 glasses one the insides of the doors. There’s even a motion sensor light on the inside. You’ll be enchanted by the gorgeous color of red-stained oak and the tantalizing aroma.

If you haven’t found anything in this list that tickled your fancy, stop by the store to see our full collection of awesome wine barrel furnishings and accessories.

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