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Savvy buyers can get great deals on the internet, but sometimes it can go horribly wrong. It's always worth taking the time to read customers comments about online retailers. When reading the reviews, has the retailer addressed the concern to resolve the issue? Caring for your clients is very important. 

Tips to Shop Savvy

It takes the buying "blind" fear away and really is the very best indicator of what you can expect in terms of product and customer service. Previous customers of a retailer often put on line their bad experiences if they are un-happy with the store for some reason or another.

Stores that have only or mainly positive comments are the ones you should be able to trust with a worry free purchase.

Simply type into Google the name of the store followed by complaints or reviews, that will usually direct you to a number of areas that past customers have commented, for example the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Yelp, Google Plus, Facebook and is another good source for looking at reviews both positive and negative.

We suggest to avoid disappointments or frustrations to read all the fine print on a website such as delivery terms, returns, and FAQ. If you are not clear, call or email to ensure all your questions are answered before placing that order. 

Most online retailers work very hard to provide customer satisfaction, as they don’t have a storefront for the personal touch and depend on reputation and customer loyalty. Those e-retailers with a bad marketplace reputation are ones to be avoided to prevent downstream cost and headaches.

As with anything, a little research prior to parting with your hard earned cash is well worth the time spent, it only takes a few moments and could save hours and weeks of frustration downstream.

Before placing your review on any business, give that company the opportunity to ensure you are happy as in many cases sometimes, things are out of their control. 

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