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Lighting is everything... well not quite but...

Lighting in a room is the first thing that sets the atmosphere. 

For instance, you would not expect a high end restaurant to be lit by fluorescent lights, you would expect a soft romantic ambiance right? Similarly in your home, different rooms, require different styles and forms of lighting.  Trends come and go but one thing remains constant and that is the level of light that is required to support a room's functionality. 

Kitchens for example require good bright light when they are in use, when not in use the light needs to be subdued to set a more relaxed mood. Similarly, in one's living space, the room should never rely solely on overhead lighting however nice the unit may be. The use of soft peripheral accent lighting is essential to give a glow in all the right places; for example to accentuate a piece of furniture, an ornament or indeed the lamp can be an ornament itself.

By having different light sources, you can have the proper light depending on what you're doing in the room. Key rules to remember are the following: 

  • A floor lamp - This will give you a semi bright light source. Appropriate when the whole room doesn't need to be brightly lit, for example when watching TV or playing video games.
  • Table lamp - On top of being an attractive decor option, it gives you a softer, less harsh light for more intimate moments. It also gives you good lighting if you like to read in the living room.

Stunning use of a tripod floor lamp in your living roomA spectacular example of this form of dual function light is an classy reproduction surveyor's Tripod Lamp which displays the rarity and richness seldom found in an average home. This type of lighting unit has the ability to be heightened or lowered to fit its environment with a multitude of options readily available to create the lampshade.  Why not consider something out of the ordinary as our collection of eye-catching lighting solutions for your living room or bedroom? 

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