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Leader in Exotic Wood Furniture Artemano Files For Bankruptcy

The story begins in 2002, after the brand’s founder, Finklestein - who wasn’t even in the furniture business at the time - flew to Zurich to meet a client with an offer for a collaboration. The inspirational meeting sparked a passionate response and fuelled the vision to create Artemano. Over the course of the past 15 years, the business steadily grew and eventually, they created their own custom designs for the brand. Artemano sales grew to an amazing 30% to 40% growth in recent years, but unfortunately crippling debt was its ultimate undoing.After 15 years of success delivering modern, solid wood furniture inspired by nature in Quebec and Ottawa, Artemano has recently filed for bankruptcy. We’re saddened to see a colleague, legend and inspiration leave this market and wanted to take the time to highlight the successes and revolution they pioneered throughout their journey.

The Artemano Vision

The greatest indicator of what Finkelstein was looking to achieve with the brand can easily be recognized if you visit the Artemano warehouse and showroom. Beautifully unique pieces create a sense of drama and sumptuousness, the wood enchanting with its natural bright colors and patterns as streams of light create a whimsical atmosphere. The passion for the beauty of nature is represented in every minute detail, and that is what Artemano is all about. As the founder puts it: Nature is our guide and wood is our business. The imperfections found in wood are perfect and represent a life lived.”

The legacy Artemano leaves behind is one of stellar design and deep respect for nature. Artemano strived to continuously create pieces with recycled wood and diligently follow regulations of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). With strong manufacturing roots in South East Asian countries, the company strived to provide ethical partnerships and business practices among those countries, stimulating their economy and providing better working conditions for its workers.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Some of Artemano’s competitors may rejoice thus leaving room for them to grow within the market, but none can forget the important role the brand played in paving the way for exotic wood in Quebec and Ottawa. Artemano reviews and coveted brand image show that its followers feel passionately about the same environmental issues as well as the modern, sleek style of exotic woods. Though this may be the end of a trailblazer, Artemano leaves an important footprint on the solid wood furniture market.

Passing The Torch

If you’re wondering if you’ll never be able to find Artemano tables such as their trend-setting freeform slabs of solid wood, or the Artemano coffee table made of reclaimed or recycled wood, don’t despair.

Rustic Furniture Outlet offers unique solid wood furniture made of reclaimed and exotic woods. Our sleek and modern designs are affordably priced and sustainably sourced from manufacturers in India or Mexico. We’re rewriting history to make solid exotic wood furniture affordable by lowering our overhead costs and passing those savings onto you.

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