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Is there a difference between Sheesham, Shisham and Rosewood? Or just commercial branding?

The market craze in most furniture stores in Canada is that fancy exotic and showy wood known to most as Indian Rosewood. You can quickly identify it, as it sets itself apart with a distinctive and strong natural grain pattern of normally 2 tones. 

Rosewood grain pattern

The dark brown tones (varies from golden brown to red-brown color)  are the heartwood (inner wood) which is very hard, strong and durable. The sapwood of rosewood is straw-colored.

If you were to travel to northern India, Pakistan or Nepal, it grows up to a maximum of 25 m (82 ft) in height and 2 to 3 m (6 ft 7 in to 9 ft 10 in) in diameter, with a crooked trunk (wikipedia). It is considered as a solid hard wood and is the second most cultivated tree after teak. 

This stunning wood, inspired us to develop our first collection using Sheesham. Take a look at few items part of this newest collection which are all on route for your buying at the beginning of October 2016. 

Each piece of this collection keeps the feel of the 60's really alive by the combination of Indian Rosewood and MDF white painted drawers. Despite its uniqueness, the furniture can be combined very well with your existing furniture very easily.  We essentially paid very special attention to preserve the natural colors found in Sheesham and aimed to provide you a simple and clean design. We truly hope you will love this collection as we do!! 

So Sheesham wood or Shisham wood is essentially known as North Indian Rosewood or Dalbergia sissoo.

Sheesham/Shisham is for those wondering is the Hindi word for Indian Rosewood. We guess that buying "Rosewood" sounds more sexy as opposed to Sheesham right?? 

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