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Every home can truly be designed to have a sophisticated and luxurious feel, yet still maintain the character and personality of the homeowner. The key is to have statement furniture pieces, this is where rustic furniture comes in. Popular home decorating TV shows created the rustic furniture movement, as it truly showed the importance of creating unique furniture pieces.

Contemporary style is heavily associated with luxury because of it's sleek and sophisticated feel, however, it tends to have clean lines and polished furniture.

Surprisingly, there is rustic furniture which is a great fit for a contemporary lover, such as a nesting console table with a smooth wood finish and thin mate black metal legs.

Without a doubt, a living room should feel cozy and comfortable as having too many refined furniture can make a space feel sterile. A couple of furniture to expect in the living room are coffee tables, side tables, and a media console, these are key statement pieces that can instantly transform your space. With a rustic design, expect these pieces to have a bit of weathered wood material along with steel which brings a lot of texture into the space. In terms of metal, there are different thicknesses to consider as a bulkier metal with ornate detail would suit a traditional style.

A bedroom is probably one of the most personal spaces in a home, having a nightstand and a table lamp can easily improve the functionality of the room. Yet, it can still bring additional style into the room as a nightstand made of reclaimed wood may have different tone and shade that unify the overall color scheme. Take a look how Corporate Stay's blend in a rustic style into their fully furnished condos! 


Most condos’ have limited spaces and a home office can also be a man-cave for a man who needs a separate room to have individualized furniture pieces. An upcycled vintage tractor bar storage cabinet is an eye-catching piece of furniture and that speaks volume to a masculine style or a vintage lover.

Having a variety of furniture pieces provides depth and interest into a space. A home is an expression of self and rustic furniture provides the opportunity for homeowners to display their personality through furniture.



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