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Get the Look of Rustic, Reclaimed Wood

The reclaimed wood craze isn’t fading out anytime soon, and it’s become so coveted that you can now buy laminate that has its time-worn appearance!

Supply and demand go hand in hand, and installing reclaimed wood floors isn’t exactly an inexpensive project - but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the inviting and warm feeling that rustic wood brings into your home!

Whether your style leans more toward country, or whether contemporary interiors resonate with you, incorporating the look of time-worn wood is easy and can be achieved successfully, whether in small doses or if you decide to go all-out with the look.

If you do not already have a country or rustic style, or if your current style is very modern, buying a couple of rustic pieces of furniture is an easy way to introduce the look into your home to complement your overall look. Perhaps a media cabinet, coffee table, or (if you want to make a statement) a dining table!

REclaimed rustic wood furniture


To keep the look cohesive, we recommend adding other rustic wood accents to other areas of your space– such as lamps or a wooden bowl. Starting off small with a new look you aren’t sure of is the easiest way to get a feel for the look before you make a long-term commitment…but with so much beauty and character as this, it’s bound to be a winner in your home.


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