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Have you ever wondered how to properly hang a piece of art?

Recently I have had several people ask me how to hang pieces of wall art they've purchased for one room or another. My standard answer is 'somewhere around eye level.'

Once upon a time, way back in time during my life as a student, I worked in a small art gallery. We usually hung pieces by eye based on its shape and size. Many people have trouble with this idea and find having a tried and true method to be useful. I'm not much for measuring, but this diagram and the instructions are easy peasy!

  • Measure the distance between the wire at full tension (B) and the top of the frame (A). See image above.
  • Measure the height of your frame (C) and divide the result in half.
  • From the floor, measure up the wall to 58" (average eye-level) and make a pencil mark.
  • From the mark, measure upward the distance recorded in step 2 and make a second light pencil mark (E).
  • From this mark, measure downward the distance recorded in step 1 (D).
  • Place nail and hanger here. Make sure that the bottom of your hanger is resting on the line when you hammer your nail in, rather than the nail point. This is where your wire will rest (on the crook of the hanger).
If you are Hanging a rather heavy piece make sure you use hangers suited to the weight of the piece. On larger pieces, you should use two hangers instead of one to ensure stability.

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