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Determining the right table size for your room

Determining the right table size for your room can be a daunting task, but it's an important one to get right. The size of your dining table can impact the functionality and aesthetic of your room, so it's essential to consider all the factors that influence your decision.

  1. The magic number to respect to allow your guests to take their seats is at least 30" between the edge of the table and an obstruction. Please note that it will still be rather cozy at 30" but manageable.  The ideal listed distance between the table and a wall is 48" according to many interior designers.
  2. A few more things to consider is the size your your guests/family members. 
    • A child or petite woman, for example, may only require 32 inches to pull out the chair and sit comfortably, without feeling boxed in by a wall behind.
    • An average-sized man or woman may be happy with about 36 inches of seating room.
    • A husky man, on the other hand, will need at least 44 inches of space.
    • Someone in a wheelchair will need 54 inches for proper access and comfort.
  3. When sizing the room with respect to the table make sure you do not exceed 6' in distance from the edge of the table to the wall, otherwise the table will look too small in the space and a proper balance will not be maintained.  

A great tip we came across is to use a piece of cardboard, plywood or even a bed sheet when trying to visualize the space it will take up.  


Grey Rosewood Dining table with X legs 67 inches in length

One of the most critical factors to consider is the number of people you will be having on your dining table on a daily basis. If you have a large family or entertain guests frequently, you will want a table that can comfortably seat everyone. A general rule of thumb is to allow 24 to 30 inches of tabletop per person. This means that for a family of four, you will need a table that is at least 72 to 96 inches long. 

General industry norms guidelines for the quantity of seats for a rectangular table are as follows:  

  • 4' long seats 4
  • 5-6' long seats 6
  • 7' long seats 8
  • 8-9' long seats 10
  • 10-11' seats 12

Pretty mango wood dining table able to seat 6 people comfortably

Awesome idea: If you have a nice view onto your garden or waterfront, try a bench instead of chairs as the chair backs will be in the way of your view. Also a bench is a great way to get more people around the table and ideal when trying to take up less room as you can tuck it under the table when not in use.

Acacia live edge dining tables


Finally, it's essential to consider the style of your room and your personal preferences when choosing a table. If you have a more traditional or formal dining room, you may want to opt for a classic wood table, while a more contemporary room may suit a glass or metal table. You should also consider the height of the table and chairs, as this can impact the overall comfort and functionality of your dining area.

In conclusion, determining the right table size for your room requires careful consideration of several factors, including the number of people you will be having on your dining table, the distance from your kitchen island, and the other furniture items in your room. By taking the time to consider these elements, you can ensure that you find the perfect table for your home.

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