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Determining the right size TV stand for your television

Maybe you found a great deal on Black Friday and decided to treat yourself to new TV. Or it’s just time to update your living room furniture to make it a little more modern and comfortable.

Whatever the reason, we all have to buy a new TV stand eventually. After all, it does hold one of our greatest joys in life - our TV! In many homes, televisions are the center of attention (in every sense of the word) so you should definitely want to dress it up.

Not sure where to start in the process? Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure your TV stand is the right size for your television. 

How to Determine what size TV stand to buy?

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People are usually unsure about the width of their new TV stand because they’re tight on space. There are so many condos out there (based on the 2016 census, Statistics Canada reported in May 2017 that 30% of dwellings in Toronto were condos!) it’s no wonder one of the first questions we get at the warehouse is “will it fit in my condo?”.

It’s understandable that you may not want a bulky unit. However, you can’t go too small, otherwise you’ll end up with the leaning tower of Pisa (or a brand new TV crashing to the floor). No matter how much space you have, there’s a very simple rule to follow when you buy: the width of the unit should always be wider than the width of the television itself. To maximize space, go for the minimum: the TV’s screen size.  That means if you get a 55” screen, the smallest stand you should go with is 55” (140 cm ) wide. Simple, no?

How to chose the right TV stand Height?

There’s no magic rule here, you’ll have to do some measuring and maybe a little math (oh, and grab a buddy). The perfect height is eye level, meaning the center of the screen should be as high as your eyes when seated on your couch. Here’s the calculation: take the screen’s height, divide it in half and add the height of the TV’s foot, then deduct this to the height of your eye level when seated on the couch. It’s not simple but it’ll tell you the perfect height for your TV stand and give you a reference for what’s too high or too low when you shop.

If you’re not in the mood for the math and the tedious shopping around, I highly suggest you get a wall-mounted storage unit with a wall-mount for your TV. That way, you can install it at whatever height you feel comfortable at and it can adapt to whatever TV you buy in the future too.

How much storage do you need?

I find the majority of people I speak to underestimate how much storage they need. We’re so attracted to the simplicity of open shelves that we not only forget about how much stuff we own, but that everyone will see it, too.

Before I buy furniture, I like to do a little exercise: I collect all the stuff around the house I plan on storing in that new piece and put it on the kitchen table or the floor - somewhere that will allow me to see it in its entirety. That way I can determine whether or not I need shelves, doors, something to hide an ugly router or cable box, etc. Once I have an idea of how much storage I need, I double it - I’ll say it again, you can never have too much storage!

Considering mounting your TV above a fireplace?

Doesn’t it look luxurious? And it’s definitely a smart space planning trick: the fireplace is usually the focal point of the room anyway. I know this is going to make me the “unpopular kid”, but folks, don’t mount your TV above a fireplace!

There are two main reasons, and the only reasons necessary to convince you:

  1. A working fireplace causes heat and soot which will damage the electronics and kill your TV much faster.
  2. It’s way too high above eye level. In order to “protect” your TV from heat, it’s recommended to mount it 12” (30 cm) above the mantel or top of the fireplace (and that’s not even enough, if you ask me). So in the end, you’re guaranteed to have to watch TV with your neck at an awkward angle. Not comfortable, trust me.

Now that you have a bit of a better idea of what you want and need to hold your TV.

Check out our beautiful solid wood TV stands right here, and find the perfect one for you!

Isabelle Blondin is our resident Interior Designer at Rustic Furniture Outlet. Backed by an Interior Design degree from LaSalle College in Montréal, Québec and a passion for design, her tips and tricks will set you on the right track to creating a beautiful space. Follow our blog to for her weekly insights, and feel free to comment or ask questions! We'd love to hear from you!

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