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Wooden interiors are certain to be the next big thing in interior design so to complete your rustic look in your home, you should consider adding a few accents and decorations to bring a unique personality to a room.

Remember that your space is like blank canvas just waiting for you to add your own touch whether it would be using wall art, mirrors, decorative skulls or even cowhides. Each feature you decide to use is an easy way to bring some extra flair to a room in your home. 

long horn skull accent piece in living roomAre you wondering how you can use a decorative skull in your space? We suggest to incorporate these unique accessories to your room to make it stand out while paying homage to the earth and animals. You can hang them on a wall or leave them on their mounting stand giving you many options to find the right location for your long horn skull. 

Trippod lamps, usually meant for photographers and studios, but can also be used as a corner accent or to highlight one particular piece of furniture.
tripod lamp in living room
A cowhide rug can be very beautiful focal point in a room adding very chic detail for the décor. Cowhides are durable and easy to maintain. The natural oils in the cowhide resist stains and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.  We also suggest the use of table runners and placemats to add some character to your dining room.


cowhide-table-runner on dining table



For our western horse riders, we also carry wooden furniture to display your trophy saddle in your home or office on a hand carved rustic saddle stand or your buckles in a wall display.

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