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3 Things to Change Out for Fall Decor

Every seasonal change is a great opportunity to change up our home decor. Have you noticed that the longer we live with the things around us, the less we see them? We can bring interest and joy back by changing up just a few things to catch our eye again. There’s an added bonus too. If you love some of the new styles you’re seeing around here’s your chance to incorporate a bit of what’s new. Such as the gorgeous industrial, authentic influence and the animal-themed decor that are trending this fall.

Accent Colours

If you are wary of change or watching your budget this fall, change the accent colors in your space as a quick, easy and inexpensive uplift. Most of us crave warmer tones as the mornings and evenings get chillier. The rich, warm colors of fall are a great inspiration, and readily available in the stores. Cushions and throws, bedding and linens, artwork, floral arrangements, and rugs are an easy seasonal change. Painting an accent wall is another great way to change the color and mood in a room.


Feeling a little more adventurous? Play with the style of your décor a bit by introducing a new piece of furniture which changes the flavor of the room. Change up your coffee table with a comfy ottoman for relaxed evenings at home, contemporize your bedroom set by switching up the bedside tables, or bring in new living room side tables and lamps. Note that wood pieces lend visual warmth with color and texture. Worried about how new pieces will fit in? Follow the rule of thumb that an almost-match looks like a poor match while a definite contrast looks deliberate.

You may want to improve or alter the functionality of a room for the coming winter months as well as change up the style. Maybe you entertain less and settle in with family most evenings as the days get shorter, and you want to set up a TV in your living room, or a games table in your family room. Go for it! It will be easy to revert back in the spring when the family is on the go again. Perhaps something more permanent is desired such as a new desk or storage unit to keep everyone organized.


Give lots of thought to lighting this time of year. Less natural light and more time at home after dusk means a greater need for lighting, both task, and ambient. Maybe your existing fixtures need higher wattage bulbs, or maybe it’s time for new.

Wishing you Happy Decorating and a cozy fall season.

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