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Wine Barrel Head Clock

Wine Barrel Head Clock

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Picture this lovely wall clock in your wine cellar or any room of your house!! It is a guaranteed conversation starter as its simply soo unique and a decor piece which will stand out on any wall. 

Each wall clock is hand manufactured in Canada from red wine retired barrels and sanded to preserve the authenticity of the piece.  When you peak on the back of the clock, the deep red stain originating from the red wine still shows. 

So don't be shy to incorporate your love for wine in your home decor with this stunning oak barrel clock.

  • Dimensions: 25.5"L x 25.5"H x 5"D
  • Wt: 30lbs
  • Authentic head from red wine barrel
  • Hardware included for installation
  • Includes quart clock mecanism + 1 AA Battery
  • Made in Canada 🇨🇦
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